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A customer case for pharmaceutical production equipment

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A customer case for pharmaceutical production equipment

Qiangzhong's equipment is widely used in the production of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biological and other industrial products. Its raw materials are all high-quality stainless steel 304 or 316L, with a luxurious appearance and a smooth surface. Our equipment has good structure and performance, polished inside and outside, no pollution, no leakage, safe and reliable, heat, cold, corrosion and wear resistance.

In December last year, a pharmaceutical company went to our company to purchase equipment. The customer bought a Chinese medicine extraction tank in Qiangzhong last year, and due to the increased production volume, it needs to purchase a series of new pharmaceutical equipment again. These devices include extraction tanks, liquid storage tanks, batching tanks, filters, tilting reaction kettles, water treatment systems, etc. They have higher requirements on equipment, including a simple structure, convenient disassembly, heat resistance, good cold resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no sanitary dead corners, easy cleaning, high precision and good sealing. Based on these requirements of our customers, our technicians quickly develop a plan and put it into production immediately after the customer approves the plan.  

The customers’ approval of Qiangzhong equipment stems from the high quality and fine workmanship of Qiangzhong equipment. Qiangzhong will continue to adhere to product quality and continue to innovate and provide better services to more customers.