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A customer case for dairy production equipment

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A customer case for dairy production equipment

In October last year, a dairy company signed an order with Qiangzhong Machinery for a batch of equipment for the production of dairy products. It includes 4 vertical milk storage tanks, 1 fermenter, 1 vertical hot and cold tank, 1 duplex filter, 2 homogenizers, 1 UHT sterilizer, 3 centrifugal pumps, and 2 sets heat exchangers.

The customer is a well-known dairy company in China. It mainly produces milk powder, condensed milk, cream, cheese, etc. In large scale. As we know dairy products are rich in various nutrients and proteins, which are easy to breed microorganisms and spoilage. Therefore, it is required to be very careful in the production process of homogenization, filtration and sterilization. The requirements for the storage tank are also high, such as no sanitary corners, no residue of materials, and easy cleaning.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of food processing machinery, our company's products have established a good reputation in the market with excellent workmanship, superior quality and beautiful appearance, which finally helped us win the trust of this customer. At present, the project has been put into production and is running well. The customer has given us positive feedback.