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A customer case of condiment production equipment extraction tank

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Qiangzhong specializes in the design and production of stainless steel extraction tanks, suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, food, chemical and other industries. It is used for water decoction, warm immersion, heat reflux, forced circulation leakage, aromatic oil extraction and organic under normal pressure and micro pressure conditions. The process of solvent recovery has the advantages of high efficiency and convenient operation.

A customer case of condiment production equipment extraction tank

In August last year, a domestic customer purchased our extraction tank equipment for the production of bone flavor condiments. Bone flavorings are found everywhere in life and are widely used in instant noodles, sauces, snack foods and cooking. It extracts nutrients such as collagen, oil, minerals and other minerals in the bone, which can improve the protein content of the product and enhance the taste of the food. The extraction tank plays a very important role in the production of bone flavoring. The preparation process is that the meat bone of the animal is firstly pulverized for pretreatment, and then the pulverized material is subjected to osteogenesis extraction, and after filtration, concentration and drying, the final product is obtained.

When customers purchase the extraction tank equipment, they will consider many ways, contact too many companies, and finally choose Qiangzhong Technology. Because at the time of consultation, Qiangzhong technicians inquired about the customer's production volume, operation time, material characteristics and other parameters in detail, and recommended a professional configuration plan. Our professionalism and care have earned the trust of our customers and they have finally chosen us. At present, the extraction tank has been put into use in the production line of bone flavoring, and its performance is very satisfactory to customers.