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Wenzhou Qiangzhong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fluid equipment, including High Shear Emulsifiers, Stainless Steel Mixing Tank, Colloid Mill, Sanitary Pumps, Sanitary Filters, Manhole Covers, High Precision Sanitary Valve & Fittings, and etc. They are widely used in such industries like breweries, dairy products, beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, and more. We also offer complete sets of service from designing overall pipeline, engineering, installation to maintenance, all in accord with GMP, QS, and HACCP.

With advanced technologies and production equipment, strictly meeting industry standards, and controlling of whole processes, our quality is well-developed continuously. Till now, the products have been sold not only around China and but also globally, such as America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and etc. We are grateful for support from all clients, which impelled us to develop rapidly. While we will never stop, oppositely we will further enhance product quality to enable Qiangzhong to be a reliable partner of more domestic clients and overseas customers with its advanced management system and first-class service.

Qiangzhong will make best efforts to absorb advanced technologies, recruit high-quality professionals and strengthen internal management to expand our teams so as to offer superior products and better service with a more positive attitude, participating in global competition.

The trademark "Qiangzhong" is our commitment to customers, which has won trust of many famous ones, and we will bravely step forward to be more excellent. ​

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The Development History of Qiangzhong

Obtained over 50 national independent patents

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Corporate Quality and Integrity Commitment

“Quality Wenzhou” and “Credit Wenzhou”

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Our R&D Philosophy

Our R&D always adheres to the following directions

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