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A customer case for confectionery food production equipment

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A customer case for confectionery food production equipment

In January of this year, a food manufacturer purchased food equipment from Qiangzhong. The manufacturer mainly produces all kinds of candy, and the required equipment includes filters, vacuum emulsification tanks, heating tanks, etc. The customer has consulted with many food equipment manufacturers about technology and quotations. In addition to carefully answering customer questions, Qiangzhong's sales also confirmed the details of the customer's equipment requirements. On this basis, Qiangzhong's technicians quickly developed several solutions for customers to choose. They were very satisfied with our solutions and then visited our factory. After testing the related equipment and confirming their satisfaction, they signed an order with us.

The materials and workmanship of Qiangzhong's food equipment are strictly in accordance with the requirements of national industry standards and are responsible for every detail. Qiangzhong is responsible for his own products and is responsible for his brand reputation and lives up to his expectations.