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A customer case for the beer production line

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A customer case for the beer production lineQiangzhong can manufacture safe and reliable equipment for all kinds of beverage manufacturers, and also provide design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and technical improvement services for beverage production lines. Therefore, it has extensive experience in the beverage equipment industry.
In February of this year, a customer purchased a batch of beer production equipment in Qiangzhong, including fermentation storage tanks, diatomaceous earth filtration equipment, CIP cleaning system, water treatment system, sterilization machine, etc.
The customer is a national and professional beer company that produces and operates beer. The beer produced by the company is deeply loved by consumers with its unique taste and stable quality. When purchasing equipment, the customer required that increasing the beer production efficiency by 10% without changing the unique taste of the beer, which is clear and refreshing. Based on this requirement, our technicians have improved from the design, manufacturing process and installation of the equipment. Finally, our equipment fully meets the requirements of the customer after installation and commissioning.
With more than ten years of technology precipitation, Qiangzhong is very familiar with the manufacture of mechanical equipment. It can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, both in terms of technology and quality. On the road of future development, Qiangzhong will continue to develop and innovate, optimize itself and strive to do better.