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Vacuum Dispersion Tank with hydraulic lifter

Product Description

The main function of the mixing tank is to stir, mix, emulsify and homogenize the materials. In the mixing process, the feeding, discharging and mixing control can be realized, and the control mode can be manual control and automatic control. The structure can be designed according to the requirements of the production process, and the configuration can be customized.
Water phase tanks are widely used in coatings, medicine, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries. According to different process needs, the equipment can use carbon steel or stainless steel, add heating and cooling functions, the main heating forms are jacket electric heating and coil heating. The equipment has reasonable structure design, excellent workmanship, durability, simple operation and convenient use. It is an ideal chemical equipment with low investment, quick production and high return.

This unit adopts the upper coaxial heavy-duty agitator, hydraulic lift to open the cover.


Optional Configuration:

High-speed agitator, fixed speed or variable speed: 0-2900r/min
High-speed disperser, fixed speed or variable speed: 0-140r/min
Slow wall scraping agitator, fixed speed or variable speed: 0-40r/min 

It is with high-shear jet emulsifier, and the slow-speed wall scraping stirrer automatically adheres to the inner wall, ensuring the stirring effect more thorough.
By vacuum suction, especially vacuum suction of powder materials, it can prevent dust from flying.
The entire process is under vacuum conditions to prevent the material from generating bubbles after high-speed stirring, which is more in line with the requirements of sanitation and sterility.
This system is equipped with CIP cleaning device, vacuum defoaming, vacuum suction, etc...
The contact part of the container and the material is made of SUS304 / SUS316L.
The inner surface is mirror polished 300EMSH (sanitary grade)
The buttons can adopt international brand products to ensure the stability of the control part, and the inverter and electrical control parts could be Siemens or Omron brands.
This unit is manufactured in full compliance with GMP requirements and is currently the most advanced and ideal ointment/cream production equipment.


This unit has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, good homogeneity, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, less floor space, and high degree of automation.


Technical Parameter: 

Capacity: 30L~20000L
Material: stainless steel 304 or 316L
Surface treatment: inner surface roughness Ra0.28~0.6µm, optional mechanical polishing, passivation or electric polishing   
External surface roughness Ra0.6~0.8µm, matt treatment
Mixing: top mechanical mixing (propeller, screw, anchor, etc. types)
Pressure: atmospheric or pressurized (-0.1~1Mpa)
Pressure: atmospheric or pressurized (-0.1~1Mpa)
Structure: single wall, two-wall (with jacket), or three-wall (with jacket and insulation)
Jacket type: full jacket, dimple jacket, or coil jacket
Insulation material: rock wool
Main configuration: respirator, level gauge, manhole, sight glass lamp, CIP spray ball, etc.
Pressure standard: GB150-1998, ASME or PED/23/EC

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Vacuum Dispersion Tank with hydraulic lifter